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Minibus Hire With Driver - St Albans Coach Hire

When you opt for St Alban's coach hire from us, you are assured of not just a top-notch vehicle, complete in all aspects, but also the services of a highly skilled and competent driver.

We handpick our drivers and invest in them. We have an extensive recruitment process, where we check the driver's competency, driving skills, experience, mental faculties, criminal background, and several other factors, to ensure they deliver exceptional service. Once recruited, our drivers receive extensive training on the vehicles they handle. We also subject them to officially recognised refresher training, to ensure they remain at the top of their game, with regards to driving skills, and other critical competencies required to handle a coach skillfully.

We make sure our drivers are aware of all the features of the vehicle. We also train our drivers in customer care. In short, the effort we put in hiring drivers makes your journey much more relaxing and secure.

All our drivers are local to the region or have been living in the region for long, meaning they are familiar with all routes and destinations. The insights they can offer, by dint of their familiarity with the region, and also on account of having taken similar trips before, is invaluable, especially for the tour and excursion groups, night out, stag do, and hen does revellers, and other groups.

Our St Albans coach hires drivers are ably supported by our customer support team, who operate round the clock. We take pride in our teamwork, where our customer support team makes promises, and our drivers execute such promises to perfection, during the course of the trip.

We offer the lowest rates for minibus and coach hire in St Albans. However, our popularity is not owing to the low rates alone. The superior service delivered by our drivers and other staff is another key reason we are the number one coach hire providers in the region.

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