24 Seater Bus Hire

24 Seater Bus Hire - St Albans Coach Hire

If you are looking for a safe, convenient and comfortable ride around St Albans and its surroundings, then our 24 seater minibus is your answer. This ride is especially convenient for a small group whether it is you and your family going for a trip, workmates going for a team-building exercise or for sports teams going for a game among others. With St Albans coach hire services, you can be sure to reach your destination safely and conveniently without burning your pockets. Here is what we offer.

Safe and convenient travel

Here at St Alban's coach hire, we prioritize your safety. We have employed highly qualified and experienced professional drivers who uphold the highest standards of safety. Furthermore, their many years of experience in transporting people in St Albans and its surroundings mean they know how to transverse the area well. This means you no longer have to worry about getting lost or late to your destination.

Comfortable and spacious rides

We clearly understand that travelling can be hectic especially if going long distances. We have fitted our minibuses with ergonomic seats and air conditioning to ensure you are comfortable. Furthermore, our minibuses are spacious with ample leg room and we also have provisions if you want to travel with luggage. Do not hesitate to contact St Alban's coach hire for all your transportation needs.

Contact Details

54-56 Victoria Street,Stalbans, AL1 3HZ

01727 582013


Mon to Sun :24 hours